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Creating a vision board for your small business: Does it work?

Vision board

Launching a business might be one of the most exciting moments of your life, but it is also easy to get lost in the whirlwind of processes involved. There is a huge need for smooth navigation and planning out the processes without overwhelming yourself. 

Vision board can be the initial step in untangling the mess and focus on a clear goal. It can help you with the big-picture mindset, where you can visualize your dream achievement and goals. Vision board can be a great management tool for small business owners to set down goals and keep them in the forefront of the mind to work for them.

What is a vision board, and how does it work? 

Also known as dream boards, vision boards refer to a collection of images, quotes, articles, or anything that represents something you want to achieve. This visualization tool will help you remind yourself of your dream, your ideal life, and your goal daily. 

Visualization is regarded as one of the most powerful mind exercises, and it is based on the law of attraction. We tend to attract anything that we focus our attention on. There is scientific evidence that proves that patients get better faster after surgery if they meditate on good results before undergoing the procedure. Visualization is advised for both work and personal aspects of life. 

Whenever you catch a glimpse of the vision board, visualize your ideal life, and that motivates you to work towards it. It also can help you stay positive and motivated during hard times.

Does my small business need a vision board?

A vision board is handy for people who have trouble visualizing without aid. These people need a constant reminder of the goals, and a combination of words and pictures on the vision board can do just that. If you are new to the business, starting with small goals for the vision board is better than the long-term ones, but make sure that you do not clutter it too much with a gazillion images. 

The vision board can also help you remind you of the place you are in now despite the setbacks you faced along the process and encourage you to work on the new goals. Moving through with the business can be hard sometimes, and you will need the motivation to carry on. Adding the journey of a successful business to the vision board might help you get the boost. 

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Choosing goals for your vision board

1. Find your ideal  

Forming the goals need time and serious consideration. You can start by asking yourself some questions which will help you with goal setting

  • What kind of work-life do you consider to be ideal?
  • Which project did you enjoy working on the most?
  • How well do you want your product or service to be?
  • What does your ideal workplace look like?

Use the answers to pick out images, quotes, or any relevant item to put on your vision board.

2. Choose your long-term goals 

Small goals can help you work through the process, but long-term goals will keep you motivated. Think about the place you want yourself to be in in the next five to ten years. Note down the details and use them to form a list of goals. There might be a lot on the list, but choose what you value the most for the vision board.

3. Add some really big ones  

Do not restrict yourself to the goals that you know to be easily achievable. Some things might be really hard to achieve, and these might even scare you. Adding one or two of these to your vision board would help. By this, you associate these scary goals with inspiring images and quotes taking the edge off.

How to create a vision board? 

Once you gather the photos and content representing your goals, the rest of the process is relatively easy. A foam board or a poster board along with some glue or duct tape would do the magic. You can go through the magazines to take out relevant cutouts or print out the images from the web – whichever works for you. Take some time to brainstorm for content and arrange it on the board to make you happy and satisfied. 

If cutting and pasting is not your forte, then you can opt for visual vision boards. You can try creating one on Facebook or Pinterest, or any place you visit often. Virtual vision boards can save a lot of time and are also easier to organize, but real vision boards are fun to create.

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Good article! The power of visualization is definitely a great strategy to believe in.

23 Nov 2021


Vision board seems like a workable model. Might be worth a try. Thanks for sharing!

07 Sep 2021

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