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Termite Damage: How to Identify and Repair It?

Every year termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage to houses, and thus if you are concerned about termite infestation at your home, you have a valid reason. These small creatures can silently eat away the wood and compromise the strength of the structure. Thus the infestation has to be identified early, and termite control measures should be employed. When the damage is severe, you will need to call on a professional to proceed with termite damage repair and also to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Here are some ways in which you can identify and repair termite damage.

What are the signs of termite damage?

To prevent or control the termite infestation in your home, you will first have to be aware of the same. Termites are prevalent in 49 out of 50 states in the United States, and here are some obvious signs that your house is sustaining termite damage. 

Subterranean termites: 

These are the most common termites prevalent in the United States, and they usually are going in loose and damp soil. The damage done by subterranean termites is subtle to notice unless it is full-blown. Here are some signs on identifying subterranean termite damage.

• Damages similar to water damage like buckling wood, swollen floors, and ceilings 

• Visible mazes within walls or furniture

• Prevalent smell similar to mildew or mold. 

• Mud tubes

• Discarded insect wings near windows or doors and termite droppings

Drywood termites

These termites can live without soil and build their colonies within wooden furniture or structures.

• Veneer cracks on the structure or furniture infested

• Maze-like tunnels on the wooden furniture or structure

• Hollow sound when the furniture is tapped on

These can be hard to identify unless the damage becomes severe. Hence, when you purchase wooden furniture or structure, make sure to check for any prevalent damage or call on a professional to identify it. 

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How to repair termite damage?

It is rare for the termite to damage a structure to the extent that it becomes impossible to repair. When found at the right time, the termite damage repair can be done with minimal efforts and budget. Here are two ways to treat termite damage:

1. By replacing the damaged wood

This is the method recommended when the termite damage has completely ruined the integral wooden components like beams and columns. When the damage is to the extent that the experts feel that it is impossible to fix, opt to replace it entirely.

2. Providing support near to the damaged wood

Usually, the termite damage is identified in the early stage and thus would not require an entire replacement. Instead, you can provide support or adjustment to the damaged components to aid in their function. This process is quite complicated and requires a professional for the strategic placing of the support but will help avoid replacing the whole component. 

Before you choose the termite damage repair

Whichever termite damage repair method you choose, the most important point is to treat the structure for termites. Though you treat the termite damage with these repairs, if termite control measures are not applied, the infestation will only recur.

Thus it is important to hire a termite control professional to identify the extent of damage and apply suitable termite treatment measures. Only after this can you proceed with the relevant repair methods.

HiTech Termite Control

Though there are repair methods available for termite damage, nothing beats timely prevention. A periodic termite inspection will help you identify the damage early and treat it before it becomes severe. Are you suspecting termite infestation in your home and need a professional to identify the damage? Call us at (888) 322-8889 or visit our page at

  • Jul 27, 2021

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